The Machete story

The Machete story

Jennifer J Matchett (JJ) launched her ultra-cool jewellery label Machete in Atlanta, Georgia, early last year. Since then she’s received much acclaim, being featured in Vogue magazine, and securing retailers worldwide. 

How did it all start? JJ loved simple tortoiseshell jewellery, but she couldn't find exactly what she wanted, so she decided to try a bit of jewellery DIY. Discovering some acetate sheets in a secondhand store was a fortuitous find. She made a few styles and began selling them on Etsy. Interest was pretty immediate. Since then, JJ has worked hard searching out materials online and now has an Italian supplier sending her high grade sheets of beautifully coloured acetate and is producing a large range of styles from her brand new studio in Maine.

What makes cellulose acetate such a brilliant choice for jewellery? It has a low environmental impact because it’s a natural, renewable material (you will have gathered by now that no turtles are harmed!). Cellulose fibres are extracted from cotton and wood pulp to make a transparent paste that then gets coloured and moulded. 

JJ works with the imported Italian acetate sheets, mixing them to develop unique colour combinations and patterning, in a long manual process. Her business is the epitome of "slow fashion" with the result being distinctive, eco-friendly and affordable jewellery.

Machete styles range from the big bold Clare discs to small simple tortoiseshell hoops. Kate, a thick medium-sized hoop, has become a firm favourite, with lots of colourways available. 

At Mooma, we love how Machete earrings look - they're simple and sophisticated yet perfect for everyday wear. Check out the photos from our recent shoot to see what we mean.

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Models Orlane and Ayan 

Photography by Evangeline Davis

Makeup by  Lara Daly

Orlane's hair by Sophia Cooper